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Our Services


Our core services are in Strategy, Policy and Innovation, and we offer these services across all sectors (private, public and social), industries and countries. We have been refining and delivering these services for almost twenty years.

As a natural extension of our core services and experience, we offer two complementary services, Blue Ocean Strategy and “Silver” Industry¹ in Asia, where we have acquired in-depth and distinctive knowledge and skills.

Prior to, and over the years since the Blue Ocean Strategy book and approach to innovation were published in 2005, we have responded to market demand and delivered numerous engagements and trained thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and staff on Blue Ocean innovation. Besides the original Blue Ocean Strategy concept and toolkit, we have added significant enhancements arising from our field-based applications and experience. Practitioners and line executives find these enhancements highly relevant, easy-to-apply and appealing. We are therefore well placed to offer Blue Ocean Strategy, as stand-alone services, or as parts of strategy, policy and innovation services.

Through a combination of events, including consulting experience in the global life sciences and healthcare industries, personal experience with ageing parents, innovation focus on “connecting the dots” and creating uncontested market space, and living amidst the daily pressures of the rapidly-ageing population of Singapore and Asia, we have been building distinctive knowledge and experience of the “Silver” industry in Asia. Businesses, governments and social entities have benefitted from our support and advice in this area, and we are offering “Silver” Industry in Asia as part of our service portfolio.

The services descriptions provide a snapshot of what we do for our clients. Treat these as a general guide, as we will customised every engagement to your specific situation, based on discussions with you and other key players, and our experience.

1. ** “Silver industry” in Asia refers to the provision of goods and services to seniors in Asian countries, generally defined as the population age 65 and above.