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Blue Ocean Strategy


We are privileged to have been actively engaged in the practice and application of Blue Ocean Strategy across multiple sectors, even before the publication of the book itself. We also contributed a major case study in the book. The opportunity to interact with the original thinkers and creators of the Blue Ocean Strategy concept, together with our hands-on, practitioners’ experience provide us with rare insights into the power of the concept, as well as, how to implement the concept effectively in real-life applications.

Besides the obvious goal of creating blue oceans, we find that many leaders are just as interested in developing an innovation-driven culture and organisation, and embedding innovation as an enduring way-of-life throughout their organisations. We have refined our approach to support the innovation agenda of the CEO’s. Innovation and blue oceans often feel very remote and seemingly “out-of-reach” to managers and staff in many organisations, private and public. We have successfully created and used practical tools, processes and learning aids, based on the original Blue Ocean Strategy concept and principles and related business approaches, that are easy-to-use for the line managers and staff. We have brought innovation and blue oceans within reach of everyone, and empowered them to “dream”, and think and act differently.

Our Blue Ocean Strategy services include:

  • Formulating and executing Blue Ocean Strategies, for leaders and companies seeking to revitalise their businesses, break away from the competition and achieve sustainable profitable growth
  • Building internal innovation capabilities, through customised, in-house learning and development programs for line management, planning staff or internal trainers (train the trainers) 
  • Inspiring innovation mindset and “out-of-the-box” thinking and behaviours, among boards, management, staff, and external partners and affiliates 
  • Developing “breakthrough” economic and social policies based on application of the key principles, toolkit and processes of Blue Ocean Strategy in the public sector