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About KHT and Co

At KHT and Co, we take immense pride in creating and delivering high-impact change and outcome for our clients in our engagements, be it performance improvements, an exciting business plan, enhanced capabilities or motivated people

We “practise what we preach” and manage our client engagements and our business to be “lean and effective”, in order to deliver our high value-added services affordably.

Whilst some might regard innovation and exhortations to “think out of the box” as over-ambitious, unrealistic and tiresome, we not only encourage such aspirations with our clients, we make innovation a reality for ourselves and our clients, with easy-to use toolkit and processes for “pushing the boundaries” to create extra-ordinary results.

We anchor every engagement on a sensible definition (and re-definition) of the client’s problem statement – issues, aspirations, and requirements, and then customise the entire engagement, large or small, to deliver (and whenever possible, over-deliver) on the problem statement promptly. We are open to using any concept, principle, tool and knowledge that are relevant to the problem statement, and support our explicit focus on delivering the optimum solutions to our clients. 

Our team brings deep and intense experience from a comprehensive portfolio of real-life, global engagements to bear on every problem and issues addressed. Besides building our knowledge base on an ongoing basis, we excel at “connecting the dots” across our experience and available knowledge to generate new insights to clients’ problems, or enhance our toolkit. 

KHT and Co believe in and adopt a collaborative approach in working with our clients, irrespective of the scope and nature of engagements. “What you see is what you get” when you work with us. We are full-fledged professionals at heart and in practice.